Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Apps Make Your Life Easier?

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Thanks to everyone who participated...there are so many to share! 
  1. Hopstop - Public transit & walking directions in cities across the US, Canada & Europe.
  2. Pinterest - Need we say more?
  3. Starbucks - When just a visit to Starbucks isn’t enough of a fix.
  4. TextPics - Take texting :) to a whole new level.
  5. The Weather Channel - Always in the know about your forecast.
  6. Southwest Dings - Southwest Airlines App.
  7. talkie - Walkie talkie for your iPhone.
  8. Find iPhone - A must if you’ve ever lost or misplaced your iPhone…who hasn’t?!
  9. Camera+ - Take better pictures with this app.
  10. Open table - Check restaurant reviews before dining.
  11. Flixter - Check film reviews & ratings before watching.
  12. I Heart Radio - For fun tunes.
  13. Mint - To track spending.
  14. Dragon dictation - Speak and types for you.
  15. Where’s Waldo App - The kids will be love it just liked us grown-ups did.
  16. What to Expect - To keep up with your pregnancy progress + post pregnancy to keep up with the little one’s developments.
  17. Etsy - Shop the world of independent designers.
  18. ShopShop - To keep track of lists.
  19. Whole Foods - Makes shopping for recipes & creating shopping lists super easy.
  20. Red Stamp - Send a thank you or last minute dinner invite on the fly.
  21. Mama Mantras - Inspirational words from moms who get it.
  22. iHandy Level - Just because it’s a cool app to have.  A level on your phone…you just never know!
  23. Pandora - When you’re just not sure what CD to pop in, Pandora Radio always seems to play the right tunes.
  24. Instagram - It’s a must!  We’ve found it does wonders.  Make any picture look better or give it that old school look.
  25. Flipboard - Flip through your Facebook newsfeed, tweets from your Twitter timeline, photos from Instagram friends in magazine format.

    A few more highlights….
26. Karissa uses, “Grocery IQ because it helps me keep track of my grocery list and I add to it throughout the week.” 

27. Megan swears by, “Chipotle’s ordering app. It saves me about an hour every week by not having to wait in their ridiculous lines.”

28. Teresa says, “Amazon is probably at the top…love that you can scan a barcode and price compare!”

30. Emily likes, “Map My Run so I can do my quick resistance workout at the gym but then run/walk with my baby in the stroller in the comfort of the outdoors.”   

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