Monday, March 19, 2012

Interview with Erin: Part 2

Red Stamp’s CEO + Founder, Erin Newkirk shares some of her favorite things in life...
1) Favorite color: Green
2) Favorite food: Italian, everything from the multiple courses to the atmosphere to the food itself. Italians make dining an art.
3) Favorite indulgence: Dining out
4) Favorite possession: Family...does that count?
5) Favorite quality in others: Kindness  /  Favorite quality in yourself: Optimism
6) Favorite beverage: Coffee
7) Favorite destination: The Hamptons, a summer tradition
8) Favorite movie: Slumdog Millionaire

Thanks again, Erin, for participating in our interview series!  It was so fun!

We’re always excited to be working with Red Stamp and their fabulously talented team.  In case you didn't know, we have teamed up with Red Stamp to continue offering their hugely popular personalized products exclusively via Paper + Ink Designs (along with some new collaborative things in the works...stay tuned!) while Red Stamp continues to focus on their hugely popular and very successful social correspondence app. Be sure to check out it out!  Shop the entire collection HERE.

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